Got Bad Water? - The "Ick-Factor"™

All municipal water contains chlorine. Worse yet, it contains chlorine by-products which are even MORE harmful to our health. The list of pollutants, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. in our drinking water systems, is seemingly endless.

There is also no longer any such thing as "pure" well water. Dangerous man-made chemicals and pollutants as well as natural contaminants such as arsenic and radon make their way into the ground water and therefore into wells and then to our tap.

Bottled water is not much better. In fact, most bottled water is acidic. Acidic water is aggressive and corrosive. It will leach essential minerals out of your body. It will also break down plastic bottles causing BPA (bisphenol-A, a known carcinogen) to contaminate the water. Most importantly, diseases and viruses live and thrive in acidic environments.

There is safe water, then there's safe and healthy water. PUR2o provides both!
There is nothing else like it!