At The Office

Hydrated employees mean better office productivity.

Offices and other workplaces are notorious for being very dry environments. Most are sealed with windows which do not open. They are heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. These dry environments can cause dehydration a lot faster than normal.

Drinking water is crucial when working for long periods of time. Water supplies oxygen to the body which means more the oxygen to the brain and therefore boosts alertness and mental clarity.

Employees who are parched are often not able to work.

PUR2o's alkaline water is absorbed better by the body and by far the best way to keep hydrated throughout the day and offset that slump most of run up against around 3:00 in the afternoon.

Employees will focus better and complete more work, more effectively. Without enough water, a body and mind will suffer and struggle to concentrate.

Water is by far the best way to keep hydrated throughout the day and a PUR2o bottle-less water cooler in the office is a perfect solution.

It saves time, money, space and will more effectively keep employees on their toes, better than any sports or carbonated drink.


PUR2o Alkaline Plus: $1690.00 

This system produces the highest quality water for your drinking and cooking use. Using state of the art technology, even the harshest, most harmful chemical and organic contaminants that could be present in your water are eliminated. Minerals are then naturally restored to deliver crystal clear, pure, great tasting, “safe & healthy” water.
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EarthWise Executive Water Cooler: $699.00

ECO-friendly alternative to bottled water. A sleek, modern design with an external black and graphite finish adds style, beauty and elegance.
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EarthWise Executive CT - $699.00

The PUR2o Executive Counter Top is equipped with every feature of it's full-size counterpart, but its compact size allows it to fit easily on countertops and smaller spaces.
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Ph Booster and Ionizer

The PUR2o Anti-oxidant, Alkaline Water Ionizer provides you healthy and refreshing water at a fraction of the cost of an electrically powered water ionizer. This FDA approved system boosts ph to between 8-9 and ORP (oxidation reduction potential) falls between -50 to -400 mv. According to researchers, "Abundant hydrogen ions, generated by minerals increase the reduction power of water and changes municipal or well water into anti-oxidant water by neutralizing free radicals."
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PUR2o 2-Stage: $199.00

Safe, sediment and chlorine free water, provided by a very efficient, convenient, easy to install and economical dual stage filtration system. This system delivers filtered clean and delicious water. Filters last up to one year or 2,500 gallons and are easily replaced. Installs under your kitchen sink.
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Alkaline Pitcher: $49.00

The PUR2o Alkaline Pitcher turns ordinary water into alkaline and ionized water.
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