On Wednesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joseph Martens, and Department of Health Commissioner (DOH) Howard Zucker announced that New York would prohibit high-volume horizontal fracturing of shale. This statement was released after announcing the results of a state-commissioned scientific review of the health impacts of oil and gas.

What is fracking?

The process of drilling down into the earth before a high-pressure water mixture is directed at the rock to release the gas inside. Water, sand and chemicals are injected into the rock at high pressure which allows the gas to flow out to the head of the well.

Governor Cuomo stated, “If you wouldn’t want your children to live near fracking, no one’s children should have to.”

In 2015 the DEC will include findings in its own document with a clear recommendation to prohibit fracking in the state.

Jill Wiener of Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy and Advisory Council Member for Stop the Frack Attack also stated, “New Yorkers are so fortunate to have decision makers who have listened to the public and the emerging science, and are not willing to sacrifice communities, public health, and local and sustainable economies.”


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We are off to the Wellness Lounge today from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM in NYC where we will be enjoying a relaxing event! Anyone can get free mini treatments, like a chair massage, meet like minded people, have fun and even get some holiday shopping done!

If you want to learn how to reduce levels of stress, finally take off that extra weight, or simply be able to create a plan of action for big goals, this event is for you!

Join us for top experts ready to listen and give you professional advice and support in the areas of your life that matter the most!

The address for the Wellness Lounge is: La Nacional (Red Door Entrance)
239 W 14th St
New York, NY 10011

Make sure to check out the event page and community page and “like” and “join”!

Come and join us!

community page—> https://www.facebook.com/thewellnessloungenyc

event page—>https://www.facebook.com/events/365210636959451/


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Give the gift of health and wellness this holiday season to your friends and family!

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Here you will find information about all of our products and how you can improve your health! Learn more before it’s too late because the holidays are right around the corner. By using Pur2o products you’re bringing in 2015 by providing clean and safe drinking water for you, your family, and friends!

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This past weekend Pur2o set out on a road trip to Richmond, VA to the Health and Hydration Seminar. We had the pleasure of meeting many new faces especially Tim from Alexandria, VA. Tim became one of our new clients this past Saturday and joined our team!
Photo: Say hello to our new client Tim from Alexandria, VA! #pur2o #safeandhealthywater #health #wellness #Healthandhydrationseminar
Also, this past week we have discovered quite a few articles that give knowledge on clean water and what we can do about it.
Did you know? 
There are 40,000 private wells in Long Island and over 100,000 people are drinking water that has not been tested containing pesticides. 
Adrienne Esposito goes into why contaminated water is a big issue in Long Island and what we can do to stop it. 
The NY times also released an article on December 8th about BPA found in cans and plastic bottles that result in high blood pressure.
We also were featured on “Green Talk” a podcast, a green living and business blog, where we went into different kinds of water, and why it is important to drink water that is free of additives.
Here is the direct link to the “Green Talk” show! Click on the Podcast for December 4th & enjoy! http://latalkradio.com/Greentalk.php#pur2o #greentalk #podcast #safeandhealthywater
 Sam in the Morning with Charlotte
On December 16th the Pur2o  team is going to be taking a trip to NYC to the Wellness Lounge.
More details to follow soon!!
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Common Contaminants Found in Residential Well Water

Well water can become contaminated without any change in the water’s taste, smell or appearance. The following are common contaminants found in residential wells throughout the United States:

  • ARSENIC. This toxic element is found naturally in soil and bedrock, but occurs in particularly high levels in Northeast Wisconsin. Ingestion can lead to serious health problems.
  • CHLORIDES. Small amounts of salt are natural. Higher levels are unnatural and may indicate a faulty water softener, road salt, septic waste or fertilizer contamination.
  • COLIFORM BACTERIA. A natural part of the microbiology of soils, insects, and warm blooded animals, coliform bacteria is the primary indicator for the presence of disease-causing organisms in water.
  • FLUORIDE. Found naturally in water but is also a chemical bi-product of refrigerator coolant. Can be toxic in excessive amounts and may stain teeth.
  • HARDNESS. Interferes with cleaning tasks from laundering and dishwashing to bathing and personal grooming. Clothes laundered in hard water may look dingy and feel harsh and scratchy. Dishes and glasses may be spotted when dry. Hard water may cause a film on glass shower doors, shower walls, bathtubs, sinks, faucets, etc. Hair washed in hard water may feel sticky and look dull. These deposits also collect in household plumbing lines, water heaters and appliances, causing them to run less efficiently.
  • HYDROGEN SULFIDE. A gas dissolved in water. It is easily detected by its rotten egg odor.
  • IRON. Not considered hazardous to health, but when the level of iron in water exceeds the DNR 0.3 mg/l limit, we experience red, brown, or yellow staining of laundry, glassware, dishes and household. The water may also have a metallic taste and an offensive odor. Water system piping and fixtures can also become restricted or clogged.
  • LEAD. Houses built before 1985 may contain lead pipes or lead-based solder. Lead can cause serious health problems in young children.
  • MANGANESE. A metal found in rock, and does not occur naturally in pure form. Manganese will cause black staining and many times is accompanied by iron and hydrogen sulfide. Evidence of manganese staining is most prominently found in the dishwasher.
  • NITRATES. Elevated levels can be an indication of contamination by farm chemicals, lawn fertilizers, or septic saturation. Nitrates can pose a serious health risk to infants.
  • SULFATES. High levels of sulfates can cause odors, leave spots, taste bitter and have a temporary laxative effect.


PUR2o Teaming Up wit the Holistic Moms Network


Antonio, Mizar and  and the rest of the PUR2o posse will be on the campus at Montclair State University coming up on October 25th at the Holistic Moms Network Natural Living Conference!

This event is an amazing way to connect with folks who make health and sustainable living a lifestyle choice.

It’s a great event where you will learn the importance of good health and healthy living for a lifetime.

See you there!

Power to Change 

Anyone growing  up in the 60 and 70s, thought twice about what may be in the drinking water.

We drank from the tap. Period.

No one really worried;  while perhaps there were contaminants in the water supply, in no way does it compare with what’s in our water today – whether it’s municipal, well, spring and even bottled water.

Here’s an example.

When Mrs. McGillicutty down the street was diagnosed with cancer, NO ONE EVER said the word, “cancer”. We referred to cancer in whispers or as “the c-word”.

Cancer was not nearly as pervasive as it is today.

Why is that?

What’s changed?

What is the common denominator?

Who doesn’t know someone diagnosed with cancer?

One conclusion: the environment we share. In the last 5-decades industrial pollution and contaminants have been dumped into our waterways, buried underground only to leach out later, and pumped into our skies.

In the end, everything ends up in the water.

Sadly many of us simply take for granted that the water delivered to our homes or coming from our private well is “safe”, after all if the government’s regulatory department tells us a certain level of chlorine, trihalomethanes, benzene, nitrogen and the list goes on, is okay to ingest then we should be okay. 

It is NOT okay!

We ALL have to worry about the dozens of unregulated chemicals in public water supplies, wells and underground springs with unknown impacts on human health.  We have a a unique Regrettably, it’s now a foregone conclusion as hundreds of chemicals have been developed in the last 50-years, most of them posing a hazard to our health.

Because of chemicals in our air, food and water, our children are growing up with unintended consequences because generations before them were and perhaps even a bit self-centered and self-serving.

There is  a bit of good news. You CAN protect your family from contaminants in water.  PUR2o offers a range of water filtration and purification systems to rid your drinking water of everything which simply put, should not be in there!  Do what you can for you and your family and when you can, help others and our planet.


 Long Island Drinking Water

Whether folks live on the North Shore, the South Shore or out on the twin forks, municipal and well water on Long Island leave a lot to be desired. 

PUR2o continues working to educate families and business owners about ways to improve the quality of their drinking water and to promote “safe and healthy ” water .

Water for Life. Health. Wellness.



Live Green Toronto 2014

PUR2o Water Station at the Live Green Toronto Festival 2014 LtoR: Antonio Cernuto, Mizar Turdiu, Alessandro Cernuto, Mauro Cernuto, Andrea Cernuto

PUR2o absolutely ROCKED the Live Green Toronto 2014!

What an AMAZING day!

Given we had such short deadline, we could not have done it without the help of quite a few people…

Table 1AB

Thank You Sheldon Miller! The table was … and IS … perfect!

Table 4A

Antonio aka Tami working hard with Andrea who appears to be taking a breather!

Table 2A

Drilling holes in stainless steel restaurant prep tables is NOT EASY! Antonio went through a half dozen drill bits!

First, thank you Sheldon Miller of Benaco Sales in Toronto for providing us with the perfect stainless steel, restaurant prep table from which we built the water station.

Toronto Green 7A

PUR2o Water Station and yes, that’s Antonio doing one of those things he does best!

Toronto Green 10A


Thanks as well to the talents of Jeff Fant, Mike Vaughan, DJ and the “I need it NOW” printer at Inflate Co. who put together the graphics and all the marketing materials AND got them all from their HQ in California to us at PUR2o in New Jersey inside of 4-DAYS and in time for us to load the truck for the trip north of the border!

Many thanks to Jimmy Rueter at Ferguson who also did the seemingly impossible managing to find and get 6 glass filler faucets to us, again from the west coast to the east coast in time!Toronto Green 2A

A HUGE thank you to Brian Dorsey  from the Toronto Water Department and Kyle Leetham with Live Green Toronto, who scrambled … and I mean pulled out all the stops and SCRAMBLED … to get us hooked up to the fire hydrant. Without them we had NO WAY to get water for the filtration station.


TGF Water Dept

Let there be WATER … and thanks to these two gentlemen, Kyle Leetham with Live Green Toronto and Brian Dorsey with Toronto Water, Antonio was able to hook the PUR2o System up to the fire hydrant.

And course, thank you to the Boys & Belinda! Alessandro, Mauro, Andrea & Belinda who all rose to the occasion, pitching in to make the day a total success!

Rob Ford 2A
Yep … that’s Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and me.

And a BONUS picture …of me and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.
The boys … all Torontonians … and I were having dinner at an Italian restaurant, sitting at a table outside. 
You’d think the guys from Toronto would recognize their own mayor – BUT NO!. It was the “chick” from New Jersey (that would be me) who spied him walking on the side walk.

Too bad the picture is blurry – I need a new photographer!

imageThank you Will James of NEWSDAY for this terrific news!

Officials in Suffolk County, New York are considering a ban on those insidious plastic bags used at check-out counters in stores all across the East End of Long Island … and just about every else all around the world!

This is great news for all of PUR2o’s clients in East Hampton, Southampton, Riverhead, Southold, Shelter Island and all across Suffolk County.

Those thin, single-use plastic bags, those commonly used to tote groceries, linger for centuries and often end up in the ocean. And we know what often  happens than, they can kill  animals, such as whales and other marine life, that ingest them.

Plus they end up lettering our waterways, beaches, parks, highways, the list goes on and heck, we’ve even seem them in trees! BLECH!

Let’s make this happen!