Long Island Drinking Water

Whether folks live on the North Shore, the South Shore or out on the twin forks, municipal and well water on Long Island leave a lot to be desired. 

PUR2o continues working to educate families and business owners about ways to improve the quality of their drinking water and to promote “safe and healthy ” water .

Water for Life. Health. Wellness.



Live Green Toronto 2014

PUR2o Water Station at the Live Green Toronto Festival 2014 LtoR: Antonio Cernuto, Mizar Turdiu, Alessandro Cernuto, Mauro Cernuto, Andrea Cernuto

PUR2o absolutely ROCKED the Live Green Toronto 2014!

What an AMAZING day!

Given we had such short deadline, we could not have done it without the help of quite a few people…

Table 1AB

Thank You Sheldon Miller! The table was … and IS … perfect!

Table 4A

Antonio aka Tami working hard with Andrea who appears to be taking a breather!

Table 2A

Drilling holes in stainless steel restaurant prep tables is NOT EASY! Antonio went through a half dozen drill bits!

First, thank you Sheldon Miller of Benaco Sales in Toronto for providing us with the perfect stainless steel, restaurant prep table from which we built the water station.

Toronto Green 7A

PUR2o Water Station and yes, that’s Antonio doing one of those things he does best!

Toronto Green 10A


Thanks as well to the talents of Jeff Fant, Mike Vaughan, DJ and the “I need it NOW” printer at Inflate Co. who put together the graphics and all the marketing materials AND got them all from their HQ in California to us at PUR2o in New Jersey inside of 4-DAYS and in time for us to load the truck for the trip north of the border!

Many thanks to Jimmy Rueter at Ferguson who also did the seemingly impossible managing to find and get 6 glass filler faucets to us, again from the west coast to the east coast in time!Toronto Green 2A

A HUGE thank you to Brian Dorsey  from the Toronto Water Department and Kyle Leetham with Live Green Toronto, who scrambled … and I mean pulled out all the stops and SCRAMBLED … to get us hooked up to the fire hydrant. Without them we had NO WAY to get water for the filtration station.


TGF Water Dept

Let there be WATER … and thanks to these two gentlemen, Kyle Leetham with Live Green Toronto and Brian Dorsey with Toronto Water, Antonio was able to hook the PUR2o System up to the fire hydrant.

And course, thank you to the Boys & Belinda! Alessandro, Mauro, Andrea & Belinda who all rose to the occasion, pitching in to make the day a total success!

Rob Ford 2A
Yep … that’s Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and me.

And a BONUS picture …of me and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.
The boys … all Torontonians … and I were having dinner at an Italian restaurant, sitting at a table outside. 
You’d think the guys from Toronto would recognize their own mayor – BUT NO!. It was the “chick” from New Jersey (that would be me) who spied him walking on the side walk.

Too bad the picture is blurry – I need a new photographer!

imageThank you Will James of NEWSDAY for this terrific news!

Officials in Suffolk County, New York are considering a ban on those insidious plastic bags used at check-out counters in stores all across the East End of Long Island … and just about every else all around the world!

This is great news for all of PUR2o’s clients in East Hampton, Southampton, Riverhead, Southold, Shelter Island and all across Suffolk County.

Those thin, single-use plastic bags, those commonly used to tote groceries, linger for centuries and often end up in the ocean. And we know what often  happens than, they can kill  animals, such as whales and other marine life, that ingest them.

Plus they end up lettering our waterways, beaches, parks, highways, the list goes on and heck, we’ve even seem them in trees! BLECH!

Let’s make this happen!

Alkaline vs Acidic Water

This simple graphic really does explain a lot. It’s NOT the fish on the left that’s “sick”, it’s the water it’s in.

The same goes for the water you drink!

Got Bad Water? – The “Ick Factor”. We Can Fix It!Fish Bowl 2014

Mizar hits the airwaves again with Hunterdon County Radio‘s

“Food for Thought”.

“Food for Thought” host Deirdre Anderson and Mizar met several years ago while doing a commercial for a silly little item used to scrape dead skin off the bottom of feet.  Ick! – and really something that does not belong in a chat about good food and water. So – we move on!

1511766_10201858839537034_1989823118_nDeirdre invited Mizar to join her and co-host Annie Kanter-Hersch to talk about food – a favorite subject AND to discuss the importance of safe and healthy water … which is just as important when using water to cook …another favorite subject! Deirdre knows a thing or two about healthy eating; she owns  “D’lish Catering” where she creates and cooks up amazing spreads for any occasion. In fact, Deirdre will be catering PUR2o’s Networking Event: For the Love of Food coming up April 10.

Lot’s of important information, lots of fun and clearly … lots of Mizar talking with hands! That part is pretty much SOP!998442_10201858839937044_1909138059_n 1939467_10201858840657062_702036708_n

Threesome on AirTalking Safe and Healthy Water

Never missing an opportunity to spread the word about how important safe and HEALTHY drinking and cooking water really is, Mizar was interviewed on Hunterdon County Radio. 

DeidreThe show, Food For Thought with  Deirdre Anderson highlights good and healthy food, recipes, restaurants, cookbooks, etc and of course, being that water is a part of just about EVERY preparation, it’s a must to use good, clean, safe and healthy water! Co-host Annie spoke about her sister who buys and drinks only Anniealkaline water in PLASTIC (ick) bottles. That can get very expensive when installing a PUR2o/RO System with the PH Boost & Ionizing end stage component will do a much better job AND safe a lot of money! 

For the Love of Water

Of course Mizar did not fail to mention the “For the Love of Water” Networking Event coming up in Morristown, NJ on April 10.    

If there are any nutritionists, wellness/integrative practitioners, green home consultants and the like,  who would like to join the event,  just call:        

    PUR2o at 1-888-393-1828 to RSVP by April 1.

Love of Water FLYER

To hear more Food for Thought, download the free app on your smartphone and listen  on your lunch hour at www.hunterdonchamberradio.com

PUR2o on the Road Again

This time heading for the Westchester County, NY,  Home Show.

Mizar and Antonio will be a part of the Building Blocks for an energy-Efficient Home event.  Come by and visit the booth!

Hope to see you there!



Building Blocks_Layout 1



HURRAH for the “Powers That Be” in San Francisco … NO more PLASTIC water bottles sold in public areas!

My dad always said, “The longest journey begins with the first step”. Hopefully other cities will follow San Francisco’s lead by banning the sale of PLASTIC water bottles in public areas!

Read the entire article here!

A BIG thumbs-up!

image-10PUR2o on the road again!

Antonio, Mizar and Anthony will be heading to the Manhasset Public Library as part of a Winter Wellness Workshop.

PUR2o Partner in Wellness Kristine Blanche RPA-C, the owner of the RPA-C, owner and operator of the Integrative Healing Center in Port Washington (Long Island) New York,  and members of the Manhasset Women’s Coalition Against Breast Cancer are spearheading the seminar.

Breast Cancer and Long Island, NY

Long Island breast cancer rates are considerably higher than in the rest of the nation. As breast cancer awareness and research increased during the 1980s, it became apparent that Suffolk and Nassau County had a breast cancer incidence rate (that is, rate of first-time diagnosis) approximately eighteen percent higher than the New York state average. Many Long Island women affected by breast cancer were convinced something in the environment was causing their illness. 

Please join PUR2o on January 30, 7 to 9pm to learn why the water you drink may be more toxic than you think!

Jan 30

Web - BottleWater, water everywhere … but WHICH ONE SHOULD I DRINK?

Many folks know drinking water is a healthy habit. Now the question has changed from “why drink water?” to “what kind of water should I drink?”


Consumers are, in fact, becoming more interested in the chemical make-up - the good and the bad – of water. We are becoming much more aware of Water Quality and – this is important – of NOT ALLOWING any *standard imposed by the federal, state or local government to be the ACCEPTED norm.


There are different types of drinking water

Ground Water / Spring Water

Ground water comes from an underground source where the pressure is equal to or greater than atmospheric pressure. Spring water also travels from below ground, flowing naturally to the Earth’s surface.

Tap waterTap Water

“We’ll just have tap water please.”
Many restaurant patrons choose this option. Do you know what you’re drinking? Tap water is treated with chlorine to destroy bacteria and viruses, however, chlorine – which is added to protect our bodies from harmful contaminants – is a known carcinogen and can negatively affect our body. Chlorine by-products are just as … if not worse … than chlorine itself. *The “government” allows a certain amount of many, many contaminants such as Benzene, Fluoride, Heavy Metals … just to name a very few, in the tap water that flows into our homes.

boiling-waterBoiled Water

There are some folks preferring to drink boiled water at home. Boiling water for 3-minutes WILL destroy germs and bacteria in water, however, any contaminants in the water (such as but not limited to chlorine – see above) in the water will become that more concentrated as boiling will NOT remove harsh chemicals, heavy metals, etc. 

  Bottled WaterMineral Water/Bottled Water 

There are many “mineral waters” available but how is mineral water different? Mineral water contains at least 250 parts per million total dissolved solids (TDS). It usually comes from a source tapped at one or more bore holes or a spring originating from a geologically and physically protected underground water source.RO = Dead

Reverse Osmosis Water

Reverse osmosis water is “dead water” … period. While is RO water is as pure and clean as possible – like distilled or de-mineralized water – it is completely devoid of those minerals essential to the human body: calcium, magnesium and potassium. People drinking RO/”dead water” are drinking acidic water which can can lead to osteoporosis and strokes. Diseases and viruses live and thrive in acidic environments.

PH-Booster-CU-2011-187x300Antioxidant Alkaline and Ionized Water

Antioxidant Alkaline Water is also known as “ionized” water. Water molecules are broken up into smaller clusters which makes it easily absorbed – on the cellular level – by the human body. The water is full of essential minerals to better balance your metabolism and – because it IS better absorbed – it hydrates better.    PUR2o’s one-of-a-kind end-stage cartridge elevates the water’s pH to between 8.5 – 9.0 making it highly ALKALINE… water with a pH preferred by wellness and integrative practitioners, nutritionists, dietitians, etc.

Jeon, H.T. (2013), Cure the Incurable: Antioxidant Alkaline Water Changes Your Life
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