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Every dental practice relies on water to keep their practice running.
Poor water quality or tainted water is unacceptable. It leads to bacterial, chemical & microbial contamination. Contamination adversely affects patients, staff and equipment.

Many practices use distillers or buy plastic jugs of distilled water – a costly and environmentally unfriendly option.

PUR2o's D-h2o Water Filtration and De-Mineralization/De-Ionization provides an environmentally friendly solution. The D-h2o System replaces the traditional distillers which are slow, waste energy require frequent cleaning and maintenance.

D-h2o eliminates the need to purchase & store plastic jugs of distilled water.

The point of use system provides high quality DE-ionized/DE-mineralized water with the same characteristics as distilled water resulting in a 100% reduction of total dissolved solids to ZERO ppms.

This measurement complies with requirements for sensitive dental equipment such as autoclaves, turbines and hand pieces.

D-h2o systems provides cost benefits; paying for itself in a short time by improving staff operations and day to day conveniences, eliminating the expense of continual repairs to distilling machinery as well as that of the wasteful repeat purchasing of plastic jugs of distilled water.

D-h2o DI

The PUR2o DI water purifier and de-mineralizer replaces slow energy wasting distillers and endless plastic jugs of distilled PICTURE water, providing your dental practice with high quality water which complies to requirements for your sensitive equipment such as autoclaves, turbines, hand pieces, etc. Through an optional re-mineralizing cartridge, you, your staff and patients can also quench their thirst for refreshing, crystal clean water.

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D-h2o Max

Max is the dental practice work-horse! Max is installed in the equipment room to eliminate suspended solids from water providing safe and clean water to your dental practice. No maintenance required. It's especially recommended for practices without chair side refill bottles.

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D-h2o Handy

Handy is specially designed for smaller practices to provide water with the characteristics of distilled, on demand. It's easily installed on your lab's faucet and produces de-mineralized water instantly. Handy is convenient and portable.

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