Success Stories

"Just a quick Thank You for installing the system! Very excited to use it tonight. Thank you also for being so thorough and considerate with clean up."
Jackson, NJ

"PUR2o alkaline and ionized water is the ONLY water Zander will drink - he refuses anything else!"
Greenwich, CT


"Thank you for your time and providing great information about your water purification system.  I am so blessed to be able to have the finest structured water available for my patients to improve their hydration status and overall health. This system fits so well with the goals and treatments of our clinic."
Dr. Gary Gruber
New Canaan and Stamford, CT

"Our new water purification system has been installed!!!! I'm more excited over this than If I bought a new car! smileysmileysmileyyes"
Don Saladino
Owner Drive 495

"Pur2o has been the highest quality and best tasting water I've ever had. It's a main component of a healthy lifestyle."
Brian Cushing #56-Defensive Team Captain,
Houston Texans

"A good guy to call is Antonio at PUR2o. Antonio has serviced our water softener and installed a system for our neighbors, who are happy with his work. He's a great guy, honest, not looking to sell services or products that aren't necessary. It's also better to go through him or someone like him than a plumber, since he knows the most recent equipment that works the best."
Charles W.
South Orange, NJ

"Thank you Antonio! So incredible to have PURE & HEALTHY water."
Greenwich, CT

"Just LOVE our new system :) My fiancé Bob is like a kid with a new toy — so thrilled and telling everyone about it (as a scientist, he is really into the details of how it works :) Meanwhile, since I am not yet living at Bob’s place, I am stuck bringing clean water back to my apt. from there!"
Susan Noyes, CHHC
Bio-individuality Nutrition Counselor
Stillwater Nutrition, LLC

"Our new water is great!"
Chris Burns
Princeton Junction, NJ

"This is incredible!!! I love it!!! Great work!!!"
Lily Potter
Mt. Olive, NJ

"You offer incredible products and service! I still continue to tell all about our filter."
Min Acosta
Mt. Olive, NJ

"Ciao Antonio, sono veramente contento di quanto riesci a realizzare col tuo lavoro. E, lo sono in particolare perche' lo meriti anche per la bonta' del tuo carattere oltre a cio' che sono le tue capacita' lavorative. Nuovamente, congratulazione."
Ben Bellantone
Toronto, Canada & Phoenix, Arizona

"We absolutely love our PUR2o system and I have been recommending it to people we know and meet. Our ice cubes are almost like glass now, with very little white (which I presume is from the minerals) in the center. Prior to the install of the new system our ice cubes were almost all white. The ice is so cool! I'm amazed every time I use ice! Additionally we take our tropical hibiscus plants in the house in the winter and we've been watering it with the Pur2o water and they're doing better this winter than any previous winter. We're all drinking tons of water!!! Thanks again!!"
Christine Arnold

"I'm thrilled to finally have the ideal water product to recommend to clients. It's been years of research to find Pur2o and their intelligent system for healthful water. The professional service is a true bonus."
Jennifer Boyd, PA-C

"My favorite drink in the house is now water!"
Nick Smith-Sabasto (Phd)
Professor – Kean University – Sustainability Science

"The water my parents have in their house is literally the best water I've ever tasted, thanks to you!"
Camille Palo
Red Bank, NJ

"We are a busy dental practice and have recently installed in our office a PUR2o System. We have been pleased with our decision; it has made distilled water readily available and convenient. I would strongly recommend this system."
Dr. Philip Staibano/Dr. Lorenzo Brandimarte
Toronto, Ontario

"Although we are a health conscious family, we never knew to check our water and were amazed when we found out what exactly we were drinking!! With a two year old and a baby on the way, we felt it was very important to have truly purified water. Not only does it taste cleaner, it is great to know we have gotten the best for our family!"
M. Acosta
Mt. Olive, NJ

"We are very happy with the system. The water is great. We are really enjoying it. Thank you very much."
T. Vitale
Union City, NJ

"We wanted to offer our clients water without using plastic water bottles, but our new product showroom had no existing plumbing nearby. We met Mizar and Antonio at a local green show and asked them to come in for a consultation. Antonio was wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable about their products, so it made it easy to select the right filtration system for our purposes. They installed it shortly thereafter and we have used it every day since! I use it to fill our coffee machine, glass bottles to keep in the refrigerator, and now have a cooler that we fill for employees to use to eliminate the use of plastic water bottles all together!"
Denville, NJ

"Love the taste. Works great! Thank You."