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All our products are customizable based on house size, the source and quality of the incoming water and various other needs. Prices are estimated and can change up or down depending on your needs.

For an accurate quote, please contact us and we will have one of our experts assist you! 

PUR2o Whole House Salt Free Purification System

PUR2o Whole House Salt Free Purification System

PriceFrom $14,000.00



    If you are looking for the best of the best in water purification for your whole house then stop right here. This is a comprehensive, turn key option for your whole home, the Green-Pur is a 4 stage system that includes an outside set up consisting of a salt-free, chemical-free alternative to conventional water softeners that produces better-tasting, higher-quality water from all faucets of your home!


    This unique tunable and environmentally responsible point of entry water filtration and purification system is an excellent choice for your family and your residence. This Green-Pur System is the next generation of home water purification systems and addresses the most pressing water issues in the market: quality, taste and waste.


    Green-Pur is our answer to those homes looking for the ultimate system to provide them high quality water, as it does more than just purify water, it allows a home’s water to be customized to the needs of the homeowner and community, all while wasting less water and improving the homeowner’s environmental footprint. 


    Step 1: Custom built for 2.5, 3.5 or 4.5 baths, the main stages include a pre-filtration stage that is selected based on your water specifics and varies for either city water or well water applications. This stage is focused on removing heavy metals, dirt, sediments and protecting the second stage of the system.


    Step 2: The second stage provides customizable choices for the level of filtration being provided, providing both a purification and a regeneration stage, ensuring that the water is clean, without being harsh and corrosive afterwards.


    Step 3: This important stage consists of a UV filtration step that kills microbes, parasites, bacteria, molds, viruses, alga, yeast and more. It naturally disinfects the water without harmful chemicals such as ammonia or chlorine being added to the water. This is a must for well water applications where bacteria can grow easily.


    Step 4: To complete your set up we add a fourth stage, each Green-Pur System comes already packaged to include our Alkaline Plus Drinking System installed in the home for the ultimate water experience.


    • Environmentally friendly system
    • Less Water Wastage
    • Excellent for Well Water Purification needs
    • Removes chemicals or pollutants
    • No chlorine or chlorine by-products
    • No Salt needed for maintenance
    • No Chloramines
    • Kills viruses and bacteria
    • Removes Iron and other heavy metals
    • Reduces contaminants absorbed by your skin
    • Softer Skin
    • Reduces the VOCs inhaled during showers
    • Removes sediment
    • Improves efficiency of appliances
    • Extends life of appliances
    • Dramatically Improves efficiency of soaps and detergents, therefore fewer chemical contaminants on your body
    • Prevents corrosion
    • Prevents sediment & scale build up
    • Spot free glass wear & dishware
    • Save up to 75% on soaps & detergents

Ready to Buy?

To ensure every system is customized to fit your exact needs, we do not sell whole house products online. 


Contact us and we will have a Water Quality Expert contact you by phone to discuss your perfect system. You can also schedule a Free Water Analysis to help you be more informed!

If you're interested in the Alkaline Plus System, you can purchase online here:

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