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Keep Your Home & Family Healthy by Limiting Forever Chemical Exposure

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What are Forever Chemicals?

Forever Chemicals are a group of more than 9,000 toxic chemicals. These toxic chemicals are known scientifically as PFAS, which stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.


PFAS have earned the nickname Forever Chemicals because they do not easily breakdown and instead, they bioaccumulate in the environment and in our bodies. 

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Forever Chemicals In Your Water Supply


As reported by the EWG (Environmental Working Group), PFAS contamination in water sources has been found in all 50 states. The EWG estimates that more than 200 million Americans are drinking water contaminated with Forever Chemicals.

In June 2022, the EPA announced new advisories for two specific PFAS. The new drinking water health advisory warns that even miniscule amounts of these two prevalent types of PFAS are harmful to humans and decreased the parts per trillion (ppt) guidelines by more than a thousandfold to 0.02 for PFOS and 0.004 ppt for PFOA. Despite these guidelines, to-date there are no federally mandated PFAS limits for drinking water. 

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While it’s impossible to fully eliminate your family’s exposure to forever chemicals, there are simple ways to reduce exposure, including filtering your drinking water.


The PUR2o Alkaline Plus System is a 5-step water filtration and purification system that successfully removes Forever Chemicals and 100s of other contaminants from your water.


Looking for a whole house solution? PUR2o offers whole house solutions as well. 

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