PUR2o Air partnered with Healthway

 It’s alarming to think about, but the air we breathe becomes more of a health risk every day.


PUR2o is partnering with HealthWay, to provide clean air in addition to clean water to its loyal customers.

We jointly believe everyone deserves healthier indoor air. This drove HealthWay to develop the world’s most powerful air purification technology and motivated PUR2o to join with them.

HealthWay didn’t stop at HEPA standards for capturing pollutants. They set higher ones, revolutionizing the air quality in homes, offices, hospitals and hotels around the globe. And they continue to believe in a healthier future, with every breath we take.

PUR2o is proud to provide our clients with HealthWay products!

With a HealthWay unit in your home, you’ll bring more than clean air into your lungs

– you’ll bring peace of mind into your life.

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