101 Health benefits of PUR2o Alkaline Water

Through a unique 5 stage system, PUR2o can provide you the healthiest water on-demand in your home.

This water is Alkaline, Ionized, Mineralized and Hydrogenated, with Electrolytes and Antioxidants for the best health results.

101 Health & Wellness Benefits of PUR2o Alkaline Water
  1.         PUR2o water is free of dangerous heavy metals

  2. PUR2o water is free of chlorine or disinfectant chemicals

  3. PUR2o water is free of pharmaceuticals

  4. PUR2o water is free of pesticides and herbicides

  5. PUR2o water is free of industrial contaminants

  6. PUR2o water is free of other chemicals and contaminants

  7. Penetrates cells faster and easier for better hydration

  8. Allows essential nutrients to penetrate cells faster and easier

  9. Neutralizes toxins in the body

  10. Helps fight viruses

  11. Helps the body fight disease

  12. Increases oxygen levels within the body

  13. Supports cellular detoxification

  14. Removes toxins from the body

  15. Supports the fight against cancer

  16. Supports the fight against diabetes

  17. Supports the fight against cellular aging

  18. Supports the fight against autoimmune

  19. Supports the fight against other diseases

  20. Reduces inflammation that causes arthritis

  21. Boosts immunity with natural healing properties and to help fight disease

  22. Supports improved cognitive function in adults

  23. Can prevent cognitive diseases in adults and during aging

  24. Aids development in children with chronic illnesses

  25. Aids cognitive development in children with ADHD, ADD and other learning disabilities

  26. Aids cognitive development in children with Autism

  27. Supports optimal body growth and development

  28. Can calm and prevent seizures

  29. Benefits people suffering with thyroid conditions, such as Hasimotos, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism

  30. Antioxidant properties reduce cellular damage caused by free radicals

  31. Electrolytes aid muscle stimulation

  32. Electrolytes prevent muscle cramps

  33. Supports optimal muscle function

  34. Increases muscle mass

  35. Supports in optimal transmitting of nerve impulses

  36. Improves the body’s function by cleaning cells from the inside out

  37. Assists the body in regulating body temperature

  38. Helps maintain heart rhythm

  39. Lowers the risk of heart disease

  40. Lowers the risk of stroke

  41. Helps regulate blood pressure

  42. Helps regulate blood glucose levels

  43. Helps regulate blood pH balance

  44. Important to optimal blood clotting

  45. Can reduce red blood cell aggregation

  46. Regulating body fluid levels

  47. Reduces rate of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries)

  48. Supports weight management and weight-loss

  49. Helps cells burn excess fats

  50. Supports an improved cholesterol profile

  51. Reduces appearance of cellulite

  52. Improves digestion and absorption of essential nutrients

  53. Helps decrease inflammation in the digestive system

  54. Improves symptoms of constipation

  55. Supports better digestion of complex or acidic foods

  56. Enhances and strengthens liver health

  57. Lowers the chance of kidney problems

  58. Reduces the risk of colon cancer

  59. Helps prevent kidney stones

  60. Relieves heartburn and acid reflux

  61. Helps prevent esophageal damage

  62. Decreases mouth ulcers and sores

  63. Supports health of teeth

  64. Helps combat bad breath

  65. Helps prevent teeth cavities

  66. Helps optimal pancreatic function

  67. Helps control blood sugar

  68. Lowers the risk of developing adult diabetes

  69. Neutralizes acidity in the body

  70. Helps skin and cells maintain a more youthful appearance

  71. Helps combat psoriasis

  72. Helps combat eczema

  73. Reduces stress and anxiety levels

  74. Stabilizes hormones in the body

  75. Lessens the symptoms of PMS 

  76. Can prevent mood swings

  77. Anti Inflammatory benefits for cells

  78. Helps control minor headaches

  79. Helps control migraines

  80. Supports brain cells in combating memory loss

  81. Supports the electrolyte balance in the body

  82. Reduces fatigue

  83. Improves energy levels

  84. Supports bone health

  85. Has shown improved bone mineral density

  86. Can prevent osteoporosis

  87. Keeps joints lubricated

  88. Prevents the calcification of body tissue

  89. Important to DNA production and repair

  90. Supports your body in maintaining balance when taking medications

  91. Helps immune function and balance during chemotherapy

  92. Can calm symptoms of nausea

  93. Can prevent or control asthma

  94. Can prevent and balance anemia, including sickle cell anemia

  95. Supports transport of vital nutrients to the body

  96. Improves sports performance of your body

  97. Relief of dry-eye symptoms

  98. Stronger and healthier hair and nails

  99. Alleviates morning sickness and nausea during pregnancy

  100. Increases lactation in nursing mothers

  101. Reduces the chance of jaundice in mothers and newborn babies

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