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Tap Water

Tap Water is cleaned using disinfectant products to avoid dangerous epidemics, but it can still contain a number of dangerous contaminants, including heavy metals and agricultural and manufacturing waste. PFOA's,  PFOS', Lead, and micro plastics are just a few news-worthy contaminants being found in our tap water around the country in dangerous levels.

Bottled Water

A large amount of generic bottled water is taken from the municipal water supply local to the water bottling facility. You are paying a premium for someone else's filtered tap water in a plastic bottle. Studies have shown high amounts of micro plastics found in bottled water as well as sometimes trace amounts of contaminants found in tap water.


Purified Water (also sometimes known as Distilled water) is water that has gone through the process of “Purification”. This means that it has been either filtered or gone through a process to remove all the "good stuff” and “bad stuff” in it, so it has an Acidic pH. As a basic rule, virus cells and disease cells HATE an Oxygen rich Alkaline environment, and thrive in Acidic, low Oxygen surroundings. It is unhealthy to drink Acidic Purified water, however, is great for your skin, as well as household appliances and professional tools.





Alkaline pH

The pH of water measures how Acidic or Alkaline the water is. pH stands for potential of Hydrogen – measuring the amount of free hydrogen in a substance. pH also identifies ORP – Oxygen Reduction Potential – where the more Acidic a substance is, the less Oxygen it has, and the more Alkaline the substance is the more Oxygen it has. As a basic rule, virus cells and disease cells HATE an Oxygen rich Alkaline environment, and thrive in Acidic, low Oxygen surroundings. PUR2o water measures Alkaline, usually falling around 9.5 pH.



Lowers Body's natural pH level

Leeches minerals from cells

Assists growth of bacteria and viruses


Helps body maintain optimal pH

Aids in absorption of minerals

Improves the immune system




How did we compare the costs of water?

We took the average costs of Nationwide Tap Water, Generic bottled waters (such as supermarkets own brand), Premium Brands include sparkling water, and bottled Alkaline Water has also had the prices averaged.

With our PUR2o Alkaline Plus system, there is obviously a cost to buy the system, which we took into account the first year, making the cost per gallon a little bit higher. We make your tap water into the favorite drink in the house, shhhhh......just don't tell anyone it is one of the cheapest too!





Bottled Water

Buying off the shelf Bottled water is Convenient. Buying off the shelf ALKALINE water, seems even more convenient. But it comes with a price tag. On average Alkaline water costs almost 5000x more than your regular tap water, 3 times more expensive than regular bottled water, and almost 200x more expensive than PUR2o water. 

But it must be worth the premium price, right? We compared our brand with Essentia, one of the most popular bottled brands to see what the differences are.



Tap water from your local area; filtered, purified & re-mineralized

We add Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium & Molecular Hydrogen




On Demand at home, can be connected to fridge & ice maker, instant hot, as well as a dedicated faucet


In the first year after buying the system, your water will cost you on average $1.13 per gallon 



In the second year after buying the system, your water will cost you on average $0.187 per gallon

Tap water from Garden Grove, California; filtered, purified & re-mineralized

They claim to add Magnesium, Sulfur, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Chlorine & Sodium

Distributed in Plastic Bottles (may contain Micro plastics) - shelf life 24 months

If you buy a bottle as a single unit, the average cost is $24.90 per gallon (based on $2.75 per 33 oz bottle)

If you buy a bottle in a large case pack, the average cost is $6.24 per gallon (based on 3.2 gallons for $19.99)



Tap Water

Municipalities do their best to provide safe water to its residents. The number one goal is to ensure there is nothing contaminating our water than can cause mass outbreaks of dangerous epidemics such as Cholera, E-Coli, or Hepatitis A to name a few. But there are so many more things to worry about in our water supplies that we cannot see.

Certified Health and Wellness Coach Jill Davis sits with PUR2o President & CEO Antonio Cernuto sit down to talk about water quality problems and solutions in New Jersey and the surrounding area.





Many products use electrolysis to Ionize water. However, water passing through the machine cannot be purified in order for electrolysis to work. This means that whatever is dissolved into the water, including any and all contaminants, become ionized as well, and therefore contaminants are more easily absorbed by the body in ionized water. A PUR2o system purifies the water and then adds essential minerals that are ionized back into it, ensuring that your body is only absorbing the "good stuff".


Tap water from your local area is double filtered, & then purified removing 99.9% of contaminants

PUR2o removes 99.9% off all total dissolved solids, including heavy metals and salts.


PUR2o then adds high quality Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium & Molecular Hydrogen for natural re-ionization, ensuring no contaminants are ionized

The PUR2o Alkaline Plus Filter, that adds the minerals and all the "good stuff" back into your water, is FDA approved and NSF approved, as well as recognized by the US Patent & Trademark Office and the global Water Quality Association 



In the first year after buying the system, your water will cost you on average $1.13 per gallon, (based on $1,690 cost for a unit) 


In the second year after buying the system, your water will cost you on average $0.187 per gallon; includes cost of 1 filter change per year and extended warranty; we will change the filters and maintenance the unit for you


Tap water from your local area is basically filtered. Their website claims 80% of Chlorine Removal

Un-removable elements; Metallic ions and/or salinity present in original tap water

The Kangen machine ionizes any remaining dissolved solids already present in the water (including Chlorine and heavy metals) to hold the electrical charge

Kangen claims to be the only device that is "Medically Approved". All water ionizers in Japan and Korea are "approved" as medical devices.  You cannot manufacture or sell an ionizer that makes water above a pH of 8.5 in Korea or Japan unless it is certified as a medical device. They are not FDA approved medical devices

In the first year after buying the system, your water will cost you on average $2.67 per gallon (based on $4,000 cost for a unit)

In the second year after buying the system, your water will cost you on average $0.14 per gallon; includes cost of 2 filter changes per year; you will need to change the filters yourself

*Data based on most popular brands of water. Results can vary based on original water source.pH testing conducted by PUR2o. *Health Disclaimer: The health benefits have been sourced from numerous studies and feedback on the benefits of minerals or properties also available in our water. Although many people have experienced benefits and positive effects drinking our water, including many as mentioned above, we are not offering medical advice, or advising you to make health and medical decisions without the advice and proper diagnosis of a doctor, specialist or physician. The views and health advice expressed by PUR2o are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical care or treatments. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  The preceding information and/or products are for educational purposes only and are not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. Please consult your doctor before making any changes or before starting ANY exercise or nutritional supplement program or before using this information or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition.

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