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A Sit Down With Eric Decker

We sat down with PUR2o customer and retired NFL wide receiver Eric Decker, and chatted to him about health, family and business, and water of course! He and his wife, Country Music Star and Fashion Designer Jessie James Decker, recently moved to their Forever Home in Nashville, Tennessee, and made sure to install PUR2o systems in their new family home!

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Eric Decker Training, just before his retirement. Photo: Don Jones Photography

You have known PUR2o a long time! When did you first learn of PUR2o; and what made you first get a filter?

I was in New York playing for the Jets, (during the 2014 season) and they installed the units throughout the facility, the head trainer and the training staff pushed for the systems to be installed in our facility because we were drinking a lot of bottled water to hydrate, as well as Alkaline water being so much more of a health benefit, for recovery and training. So that’s where I initially got hooked and got the information on it!

Why did you choose to get a PUR2o Alkaline Plus drinking system in the first place?

After doing some research I became so big on good drinking water not only for me, but to provide my kids with water that is healthy too, lowering their risk of getting sick, and getting certain diseases. When the pH of the body is where it’s supposed to be, things work at a higher function and you are just healthy in general. These things became so important to me as an athlete and as a parent.

You moved to your forever home and installed both the Alkaline drinking water system but also a new full house filtration system, why?

We did research and learned that water can get into your cells and your body through drinking it, but also through your skin as well; and when we make our vegetables or whatever food we are cooking, they absorb what is in the water too. That was a big component to putting the whole house system so that everything and everyone was getting clean and healthy water all the time.

Eric drinks PUR2o Alkaline Water to assist hydration with his workouts!

How important is water, specifically Alkaline water, to your career as an athlete?

The biggest thing as an Athlete is how you recover faster. Every day is a competition to keep your job. So, to have Alkaline water that helps battle inflammation, recover from bodily injuries faster, and just give you better bodily function, for your organs and everything, was key and drew me in, as those things are so important to be at peak performance every day.

What diet choices did you make? or do you still make? to help your body's overall performance and health?

I would say trying to “eat clean”. I was never one to be on the strictest diet; I love my carbs and I always love my sweets! Carbs are important for an Athlete too, but I try to cut down on a lot of red meats during football season. Things that your body processes slower I try to stay away from, because they contribute to soreness, and inflammation, so I try to get a healthy balance of fruits and vegetables, as well as clean meats. I also stayed away from alcohol, as that slows the metabolism down as well during football season.

Water has become an almost daily news cycle over the last 10 years, with plastic waste as well as more and more contaminants being discovered, including plastic pieces in bottled water... does it worry you as a parent that your children and grandchildren one day may not have access to a basic need of clean water?

I mean it’s scary, a real issue we are coming to realize exists. The only way you can change an epidemic like this is to educate everyone to cut down plastic pollution, the waste that we put in our environment, and the things that aren’t going to break down. The more people are informed the more they will jump on it and find solutions. It is scary that simple things and basic needs - access to water and shelter - are going to change. If you hope for a better world, and you hope to leave it in a better state than when you came then these things need to be at the forefront and we need to find solutions to them.

So now you have a system I hope you don’t buy any bottled water anymore! What are you doing as a household now instead of buying and using plastic water bottles?

Well, we love cold water, so we have our water hooked to an ice-maker and use big Yeti cups, or big to-go bottles that we use to keep the water cool throughout the day. We also love the Bormioli glass bottles that you sent us as well; we love those around the house and keep them in fridge!

Eric & his wife, country music singer and designer, Jessie James Decker with their kids, Eric Jr, Vivi & Forrest

Many people find it hard to make a transition from the convenience of bottled water to consistently filling a reusable one. Was it hard to kick the habit of grabbing a single-use water bottle after getting the system?

It’s funny…it took my wife, Jessie, a while to kick the habit; she was always used to drinking from water bottles. Once we actually got the ice-maker, because she always likes her water cold, it was the biggest part of the step for us. You’re right, it's funny how that works, but it does become habit to just grab a bottle out the fridge. We have been able to get out of doing that for the most part.

You recently retired from the NFL, after 8 seasons playing wide receiver for the Broncos, Jets, Titans and ending with the Patriots! What is next for you?

That’s a good question, and I’m going to take my time on that one! I’ve been enjoying being home with my three young babies, being a stay at home dad! My wife has a clothing line “Kittenish” that she sells online as well as a store in Nashville; we are opening a second store soon too, so I’m helping a bit to facilitate that brand. I’ve just been doing things in Nashville too, helping around the kids’ school, and some real estate investments as well. Things that are really convenient to my lifestyle. I got to the point where I don’t want to travel that much, I don’t want to miss anything with the kids, and I want to support my wife for a while since she supported me for my 8-year career, so I’m playing the role where it’s my turn to be the supporter!

We couldn’t agree more with you to focus on the important things in life! Kids grow so fast, there will be plenty of time in the future for you to become super busy again!

Congratulations on your new home, your family and of course your new clean water! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us Eric... We greatly appreciate it!

Eric and Jessie installed a PUR2o Alkaline Drinking Water System and a Full House System Filtration and Water Softener in their home, filtering out contaminants such as disinfectants (Chlorine & Chloramine), Heavy metals, Sediment, Agricultural Contaminants, Pharmaceutical Contaminants as well as Industrial Contaminants such as PFOA’s and PFOS’.


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