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Give the Gift of Health and Kindness

For years, we have been talking about giving the Gift of Health by recommending or gifting a PUR2o drinking system to your loved ones for the holidays; “Give the Gift of Health” says our advertising. This year that means so much more than it usually does that it seems strange to say it in the same nonchalant way that we usually would.

Physical Health and Wellness, Long Term Health and Mental Health are top of mind more than ever. And so, as we suggest that you give the gift of health this year, we encourage much more than exchanging wrapped gifts. Here are a few thoughtful, low cost (or free) ways of showing you care this holiday season:

The Gift of Music

The easiest way to cheer someone up and brighten their day is through music! I love making playlists for others, that either gives them the opportunity to maybe listen to some new songs, or maybe a playlist helping them reminisce on the good ‘ol times! You can either create a playlist on a music platform and share it via email or a text message, or maybe you can have some fun and create your own “12 days of Christmas”, or the 8-Days of Hanukkah or the 7-Days of Kwanza! Text a link to a YouTube video of a song each day! They will look forward to their daily message from you and to listen to a song chosen specially for them!

Make an Extra Plate

It is not just the elderly that need checking in on! Anyone who lives by themselves can get in a rut of not cooking for themselves and not eating properly, no matter what their age! These days folks are socializing less and those simple invitations to pull up a chair are just not happening. When you are planning, and serving your yummy home cooked meal, add an extra “plate” at the end of the line. Make it a in the form of a container and serve up an extra meal…or even two! Drop dinner at someone’s door, and give the gift of a healthy meal! Think of a family member or friend, or maybe a neighbor who will appreciate the gesture. You can do this all year, or offer to deliver an extra serving of your holiday meal on Christmas Day or on New Year’s Day. Instead of cooking for leftovers, share the love of the day with someone nearby.

Call someone up to say Hi!

As we all face new lock downs with the possibility of lonely holidays, and a raging Pandemic that just won’t let up, there is no need to give money or even food. Just pick up the phone and check in on someone! A few minutes a day spent reaching out to others will not just cheer them up but will also cheer you up! The prospect of not spending time together during the holidays can be sad, but the most important thing about family get-together’s and dinner parties (other than the hugs!) is the conversation! You don’t have to have a long conversation…but a daily touch-base and the chance to talk to another human can be a lifeline for someone!

A great idea is to plan a “TV date”, and choose a TV show you both enjoy watching. Commit to watching it at the same time, and either call each other up and chat while its on, or after its over, or text back and forth during the show! It makes it fun, and gives you something in common to chat about that isn’t about the news, politics or the weather!

Keep Everyone Away

The saddest (and unfortunately best gift) you can give older or at risk family members, is just to stay away. For grandparents, this is hard.

They are missing being a part of milestones, or just silly chit-chat with the grandkids. If you can, drop an old tablet or computer device that’s already set up to accept video calls at their door so that everyone can see each other! Include a little bag of supplies so that you can enjoy a video crafting session, or decorating cookies together virtually! We love some of these cute ideas from Fantastic Fun and Learning for younger kids, you just have to make sure that the people on the other side of the call have the same items available and are ready to join in too! Another great idea is to print out and drop off some fun games to do over the phone, like a mad-libs story, or a crossword puzzle. One of the easy ones is to arrange for you to share dinner together on a specific day via video! It’s not just the older generations that struggle with using tech, we do too, but you may have a savvy tween or teen in your house than can help you out. This is a great way to get everyone involved to create different memories this year! You never know …we may create some “new” traditions!

Make a Little Cold & Flu Season Kit

It’s not about caring when we are already sick! It’s about prevention too! Health Professionals recommend many little things you can do to help stay healthy during cold and flu season. That said, make a few kits for your loved ones and drop them door to door! You can use little goodie-bags used for party favors, and add some silly things in with the serious ones! I like to add in some Vitamin C sachets, zinc capsules, a holiday themed face mask, a mini hand sanitizer, and an essential oil blend! Recommended essential oils that support the immune are Lavender, Lemon, Oregano and Eucalyptus. You can purchase a little bottle of each and use them to make up your own “immune support” blend! No goodie-bag is complete without a sweet treat, or a picture designed and colored in by the kids! If someone is already feeling under the weather, add in can of chicken soup and some Tea Tree essential oil to help them battle their cold!

Educate Hydration

Assuming you are already set up with our Drinking Water System, then you also probably know how important drinking our healthy water is during Cold and Flu (& PANDEMIC) season is! Our Mineralized Alkaline Water provides essential health benefits, and is so important during these times. (We blogged back in April about the importance of Drinking Water during COVID and Quarantine) If you don’t have the funds to gift a family member a filter of their own, you can save and rinse some gallon milk jugs or glass Bormioli bottles, and fill them up from your faucet with Alkaline Water. Drop off a gallon or two to close family or friends who are at a high risk from not just COVID but other health concerns so they can stay hydrated and healthy. Our water is so beneficial for so many; it aids cognitive focus for kids who are home schooling and struggling with learning disabilities, it can help with depression, it can do wonders for arthritis sufferers that feel worse during cold winter evenings, and it supports so many other high risk conditions such as heart disease and blood pressure. If you don’t know all the health benefits of drinking our water, you can learn about 101 of them here…

Buy a Meal, Give a Meal

You may not have a neighbor or family member in need close to you, but there are other ways you can help! Many restaurants, grocery stores or other establishments are doing various types of food drives. Some offer you to purchase an additional meal for a family when you are at the cash register, some restaurants are providing meals in the form of food drives, or soup-kitchen style when you eat in or take out. Google the phrase “Buy a Meal, Give a Meal” to work out what you can do near by where you live.

We say PUR2o water is Safe & Healthy Water. And as our main company mission is for your health and wellness, we hope that you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy this holiday season. Spread the message of health, love and kindness, and we will see you in the New Year!

From all of us at PUR2o, we wish you a very Safe, Healthy and Happy Holiday Season and we cannot wait for 2021!


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