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Roaring Twenties

It is hard to believe that we are ushering in another new decade. It doesn’t seem to me that 20 years have passed since I celebrated the ringing in the new millennium. But, here we are...and we are ushering ourselves into the 20s! (Again...!)

The 1920s was a definitive decade in our world with global discoveries and inventions moving forward our economies and making it possible for major milestones to be achieved.

  • Women were given the right to vote with the 19th amendment

  • Mass media was born with the first commercially licensed radio station

  • King Tutankhamen’s tomb was discovered

  • The first ever Readers Digest was published, and Time magazine was founded

  • Robert Godard launched the first liquid fueled rocket

  • Babe Ruth set a home run record that would stand for 70 years

  • Charles Lindbergh flew solo across the Atlantic Ocean in the "Spirit of St. Louis"

  • We saw the birth of sliced bread, bubble gum, Mickey Mouse and Penicillin!

  • The Texas oil boom hit new heights as the inventions from the industrial revolution picked up pace and popularity

  • Byrd and Bennet flew across the Arctic; Byrd later also flew across the Antarctic

  • Charles Greeley Abbott became the 5th Secretary of the Smithsonian Institute, which led him to make major solar discoveries, including weather predictions using the solar constant, and the first attempts at Solar Energy. He held 15 patents on solar energy technology!

We at PUR2o wish for the 2020s to also be full of important milestones for the world! We should follow in the footsteps of Charles Greeley Abbott, and focus on Renewable Energy, as well as reduce our use of products that take forever to decompose like single use plastics, and reduce our footprint of contamination on the Earth!

Since 1920 the global average annual temperature has risen 1.93°F (1.07°C), the US average annual temperature has risen 1.23°F (0.68°C).

With climate change throwing us unplanned curveballs like the Australian wildfires, and the loss of trees in the Amazon, we must all act now to make changes for the future. Can you imagine what will become of our world, and future generations if in 100 years time, 2120, we have ignored the cries for help that the Earth is sending us? A United Nation’s report predicts ocean levels will be an average of 3 feet higher, displacing 680 million people in coastal zones, and 65 million citizens in low lying island states by 2100. Most warm water coral reefs will be dead, which will affect the ecological balance of the oceans as well as fishing and tourism. The snow-covered mountains of North America, Europe and South America are projected to lose more than 80% of their current ice and snow, affecting wildlife, tourism, farming and agriculture.

But those predictions are made as a baseline estimate. This is before unexpected natural and man-made disasters like the fires in Australia, or a Volcanic eruption may skew the data and add more strain on the Earth’s atmosphere. At the time of this post, 24-people have been accused of setting the brush fires, which have been fueled by climate change - a combination of extreme heat, prolonged drought and strong wind.

According to an article by Reuters; “Australia’s bushfires since September have emitted about 350 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, equal to two-thirds the country’s annual emissions from man-made sources, estimated Pep Canadell, director of the Global Carbon Project, based on data from NASA satellites.”

Reducing our carbon footprint is so important. This can be the obvious (albeit the initially expensive) option of buying an electric car or going solar, but we can also make simple conscious choices like carpooling with our colleagues, or walking sometimes instead of driving. There are even smaller ways that we can make changes as well, as most people don’t realize how much carbon emissions come from manufacturing. So if each of us are cognizant about reducing waste in our own lives by using disposable items more than once if possible, or not buying and using disposable items at all, then we can each make simple changes that will have big impacts on the world over time.

Here are some of our favorite things that can help you in your 2020 New Year’s resolution for conscious living, now and in the future!

*we have no affiliations or affiliate links with these companies (other than our own!)

Everyone needs a reusable water bottle! We like this one from 4ocean, made from stainless steel, insulated and good for hot and cold beverages. 4ocean is a company dedicated to tackling the systemic plastic and garbage problem facing our oceans through clean up programs and education programs, so you can have a cool water bottle and support a great cause at the same time!

What better than to fill your reusable water bottle with clean, healthy and yummy Alkaline Water! The PUR2o Alkaline Plus System saves buying plastic water bottles or plastic jugs, and gives you on-demand Alkaline Water at home from your tap water! A gallon of tap water costs on average $0.0075 per gallon, vs. an average of $36 per gallon for store-bought Alkaline water! Save money AND save the planet at the same time.

We love heading to the grocery store with reusable shopping bags, and our faves are from Bee Green! These bags open large and strong but fold small and light, are water resistant and machine washable, with comfortable handles and square base, and have a one year warranty! But the best yet….? Some of them hold up to 40lb! So you can pile in those groceries and make everyone in the grocery store jealous!

Composting is cheap, easy and fun! Paper towels, fruit and veggie waste and waste paper bio degrade in a matter of weeks! Why waste city resources sending them through the garbage system, when we can re-purpose them in our own back yards! Read the EPA’s guide to composting at home for cool tips!

Choose biodegradable party plates! Okay… so the thought of ditching anything “single use” does seem daunting when a party is on the horizon! Most of us really don’t want to stand washing up dishes after having extra house guests, but you have options! Make a conscious choice to buy paper plates and cups instead of buying plastic or styrofoam so that the impact of your get together doesn’t impact the Earth for the next few hundred years! Did you know, it takes around 12 weeks for a paper plate to decompose vs 50 years for Styrofoam, and 450 years for plastic! We love these cute single use plates and forks made from fallen palm leaves and wood by “Tree Choice” which give a stylish twist to “eco fashion”.

We want to wish you a very Happy New Year for 2020, and take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty and support. As always our company mission is the pillar of what we do everyday, to support your health, the health of the planet, and the health of your pocket! We thank you for trusting in us and recommending us to your friends and family. Most of our business comes from referrals and we don’t take that honor lightly.

Together we spread the word everyday on how important clean healthy water is, and a clean healthy planet is. However small the changes may be, if enough of us make changes then we will slowly start to turn the wheel on climate change. We have one Earth, and we need to take care of it not just this year, but every year to come.

About PUR2o

We are striving to provide as many people as possible with filtered, purified, naturally alkaline and ionized water for drinking and cooking straight from the tap, for three reasons. We care about the health of YOU, the health of our PLANET and the health of your POCKET!


Our goal is to provide as many people as possible with pure, crystal clear, safe & healthy water.

PUR2o Alkaline water is shown to benefit: Overall health and energy, weight management, muscle stimulation, brain power, digestive system, mood, body temperature, youthfulness, complexion, lifespan, and boosting your immune system.


We are also committed to creating a greater awareness of how plastic and plastic bottles are polluting our planet and our bodies by providing the best water out of your tap, eliminating the amount of plastic we dispose of and how much water we consume out of plastic bottles.


Aside from all the health benefits of Alkaline Water, you save a tremendous amount of money with our systems! Did you know?…. If you drink eight glasses of water each day, it will cost approximately $55 per year; vs $1,700 if you were to drink the same amount of bottled water instead. The PUR2o system pays for its self in only one year by one persons water consumption.


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