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Are we socially responsible?

This stands out to me and I believe it will define this year for people all around the world. It may change the way we act, and could determine if we change our course, and maybe make us better as a society.

A strange part of human nature is that hard times tend to bring out the best in us, and sometimes the worst. Why does it take a global pandemic for us to knock on a neighbor’s door and offer some help? Or it might take the death of someone to highlight and educate us on social and racial injustices?

But it also takes these events to bring out and reveal the “Karens” of the world; those refusing to wear a mask, shouting racist comments and not using their energy to look out for others.

There are key moments in history where social responsibility became prevalent and communities or countries had to look to its people to work hard, volunteer and rebuild; to look after each other and commit to working hard to achieve strong economic growth.

Whether they achieved all they had planned or not, they moved forward and took steps towards a brighter future by everyone doing their part.

Social responsibility comes down to each of us as individuals, but also requires companies and community leaders to play a big part.

At PUR2o we take social responsibility very seriously.

But what does it really mean?

“Social responsibility is an ethical framework and suggests that an individual, has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. Social responsibility is a duty every individual has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems.” (thanks Wikipedia.)

In the current world we live in, this balance between economy and ecosystems is undeniably apparent within our pandemic. It is a challenge our leaders, adults, policy makers grapple with as they decide between shut downs (to protect the ecosystem - our health and survival) and re-openings (to protect the economy).

Whatever decision they make, none are perfect, and none are right. The hard side of social responsibility during a desperate situation, is that rarely everyone is happy. It is said that the best compromise leaves no one satisfied.

At PUR2o we have taken our position with the communities we serve seriously, knowing we have a social responsibility to protect our clients while at the same time, servicing their systems. We also have a responsibility to make sure we help people access clean water.

We all know that there is global crisis in humans’ access to clean water…but did you know how much this is still a problem in right here in America?

Most Americans don’t realize that more than 2-million Americans live without running water and basic indoor plumbing, and many more without sanitation. But lack of access to clean water is not the end of the story. Many Americas that do have water, may not have safe water. A study by the US Water Alliance found that 44-million Americans are served by municipal water systems that have recently had health-based Safe Drinking Water Act violations. In addition, 23% of private wells tested by the United States Geological Survey revealed contaminants linked to health concerns, including arsenic, uranium, nitrates, and E. coli. More than 13-million Americans rely on private well water for their drinking water but, as these wells are not regulated, it is up to the owners to be responsible for the safety of the water. Much of the water from wells is not correctly filtered and remediated.

There are also large disparities within at-risk and low-income communities. It is estimated that approximately 1/3 of US adults are inadequately hydrated, with minority communities, African Americans, Hispanics, and low-income households at a significantly higher risk for dehydration. A study published by the NIH states that in the United States, nearly one-in-two adults and one-in-four children do not drink tap water on a given day, with even more dismal statistics among minority and low-income populations.

Water contributes to only 1/3 of daily fluid intake. That statistic is lower among the poor and minorities. When low-income or minority people do choose plain water, they are more likely to drink bottled water, a product that places an unequal cost burden on families. In the midst of a pandemic when the ability to go out and buy water is problematic, or there is a financial burden of choosing grocery shopping or paying rent, this problem gets inflamed.

So, at PUR2o we try to live by Social Responsibility every day, as our company is built on the understanding that access to clean, safe water is important.

Our social commitment to you always has been clear.


We ensure all our products offer the best quality, clean, safe and healthy water. We work with wellness, integrative and functional medicine practitioners, nutritionists, dieticians, health and lifestyles coaches, personal trainers, and overall healthy living advocates. They and their clients realize the face of medicine is changing – how a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition can prevent illness and disease and help maintain overall wellness.


We are committed to creating a greater awareness of how plastic and plastic bottles are polluting our planet and our bodies. By providing the best water out of your tap, we are eliminating the amount of plastic we dispose of, and how much water we consume out of plastic bottles. We help give you access to water on demand so you don’t have to go buy bottled water anymore.


We are a for-profit company, but our social responsible goal is to be affordable and to be your lifetime partner in clean water. Did you know our PUR2o Alkaline Plus system could pay for its self in less than one year by one person’s bottled water consumption? We also support with affordable maintenance and lifetime warranties, so you are not left to fend for yourselves.


We try to educate constantly. With the platform that we have as a company, we try to educate through our wellness partners, our blog, our celebrity clients and through sponsorships & public appearances the importance of clean and safe water. We aim to spread the word, and ensure that we are not just a company peddling a product, but both our customers and our team understand how important the work that we do is.

This current pandemic and the global protests for equality has made us realize that with in our small piece of the puzzle we are in a position to take what we do seriously, to try to ensure that we stay Socially Responsible, not just now but for years to come, to continue to grow this part of what we do every day as a company.

They say “it takes a village”, and yes it does. But right now, with all that 2020 is throwing at us, that “village” is called Earth, and it will take us all standing up and doing our part to make changes real. Short term to us that means safety on the road during this pandemic, and long term it means to continue educating the importance of access to clean water for all. What does that mean to you? What can you, or do you already do, to be Socially Responsible?


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