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What is lurking in your water?

They are lurking in your water Maybe it’s time to “Be afraid…be VERY afraid”

Let’s just say this straight up…we never rely on fear to make our point. Instead we always educate our clients about what we call The “Ick-Factor” in our water. But, when it comes to even more TOXIC chemicals now lurking in our water, we are going to have raise a red flag.

According to scientists at Johns Hopkins, there are 11 byproducts from water disinfection that are being regulated in drinking water. (11 …as if only 11 is okay!?) Regulated is another of those words that are supposed to make us feel better about what’s in our water, but really…why should any of us be drinking ANY amount of hazardous chemicals?!

Most of us know all water delivered to us from the municipality - AKA city water - is “treated”. After the treatment process Chlorine is used to disinfect and kill all organic contaminants; parasites like E.coli, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium. Which is very important, and we know saves thousands, and possibly millions of lives every year!

Even so, how many of us complain about how awful our water smells and tastes…like we are drinking or showering in water from a swimming pool. Having taken note of that, and to counter-act the problem, many water companies now use less Chlorine in the water, and compensate for the lowered amount by dumping gallons of ammonia into the water supply as well. It may help with the taste and smell, however combining those two chemicals creates extremely toxic by-products, and it’s those by-products that seem to be increasing in number.

Johns Hopkins Environmental Health and Engineering Assistant Professor Carsten Prasse has come up with a new way to evaluate the quality of drinking water which could make drinking water that much safer.

"We are exposing people in the United States to these chemical compounds without knowing what they even do," Prasse said. "I'm not saying that chlorination is not important in keeping our drinking water safe. But there are unintended consequences that we have to address and that the public needs to know about. We could do more than what we're doing."

So, going back to the Number 11. According his research published in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, Prasse determined there are more than 700 disinfection by-products identified (so far) in chlorinated drinking water which negatively impact human and environmental health. Since the 1990s,

Prasse says only 11 are regulated, this “despite clear scientific evidence for the presence of other toxic compounds”.

Part of the problem, Prasse says, is methods to test for toxic chemicals are outdated, expensive and time-consuming. Trying to identify the growing number of contaminants – especially the most dangerous ones - in our drinking water the “old fashioned” way, will simply cost too much money.

His current projects include developing new technologies to identify and remove contaminants from drinking water, looking for ways to better understand the impact of chemical exposure to humans, and determining the effect of agrochemicals, such as fertilizers and pesticides, in manure which then make their way into ground water and aquifers.

"We know that the toxicity of many chemicals is caused by their reaction with proteins or DNA which alter their function and can result, for example, in cancer," Prasse said.

Well…until they figure it all out, why should anyone be relying on a fresh glass of water from the tap when that water – while it might be cold – is anything but fresh.

Millions of people already have some type of filtration on your home, to protect you and your family. Drinking clean, safe and healthy water has been shown to help and not hinder health concerns, so instead of risking your healthy by drinking chemical by-products, we can help you achieve the opposite. (In swoops our resident water-superhero from PUR2o) Our special drinking water systems can provide clean water free of contaminants, and then go one step further by making it really healthy too! It has been shown to help brain growth and function, muscle function, aids digestion, increases energy, helps detoxify, strengthens the immune system, and improves oxygenation (and in turn oxidative stress in your cells). Your very own personal superhero every time you turn on the tap!

I know I sleep a little bit better at night knowing my family and pets are not drinking contaminated water. Remember; just because someone in a suit hasn’t voted to regulate something, doesn’t mean you can’t choose to regulate it yourself!

About PUR2o We are striving to provide as many people as possible with filtered, purified, naturally alkaline and ionized water for drinking and cooking straight from the tap, for three reasons. We care about the health of YOU, the health of our PLANET and the health of your POCKET!

THE HEALTH OF YOU Our goal is to provide as many people as possible with pure, crystal clear, safe & healthy water. PUR2o Alkaline water is shown to benefit: Overall health and energy, weight management, muscle stimulation, brain power, digestive system, mood, body temperature, youthfulness, complexion, lifespan, and boosting your immune system.

THE HEALTH OF OUR PLANET We are also committed to creating a greater awareness of how plastic and plastic bottles are polluting our planet and our bodies by providing the best water out of your tap, eliminating the amount of plastic we dispose of and how much water we consume out of plastic bottles.

THE HEALTH OF YOUR POCKET Aside from all the health benefits of Alkaline Water, you save a tremendous amount of money with our systems! Did you know?…. If you drink eight glasses of water each day, it will cost approximately $55 per year; vs $1,700 if you were to drink the same amount of bottled water instead. The PUR2o system pays for its self in only one year by one persons water consumption.


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