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All our products are customizable based on house size, the source and quality of the incoming water and various other needs. Prices are estimated and can change up or down depending on your needs.

For an accurate quote, please contact us and we will have one of our experts assist you! 

PUR2o 2-Go Countertop Cooler

PUR2o 2-Go Countertop Cooler

PriceFrom $699.00


  • Features and Benefits

    Instant hot, cold and optional sparkling water feature

    This life changing countertop water dispenser is intended for small commercial or residential applications alike.

    The Countertop Cooler can dispense hot, cold or room temperature filtered water, and comes with a sparkling water option.

    Water Type: Provides hot, cold and sparkling water on demand

    Where: On a countertop where ever you need to supply drinking water

    Main Uses: Used in conjunction with an Alkaline Plus system (best) or other filtration syste


    Available in Black & Silver. Special order: White & Silver or All Black

    Anti Microbial Coating Available

    Instant Hot

    Instant Cold

    Instant Ambient Water

    Optional Sparkling Water

    Hot Water Safety Lock

    Available in conjunction with Alkaline Plus water system (best) or other filtration system

  • System Specifications


    • Dimensions: 9″ W x 15″ L x 15.5″ H
    • Weight: 30 lbs.
    • Cold Tank: 0.55 gallon
    • Hot Tank: 0.5 gallon
    • Cooling: 1.5 gal/hour 37-50°F
    • Heating: 1.3 gal/hour 180°F
    • Dispensing Gap:  9”

Ready to Buy?

To ensure every system is customized to fit your exact needs, we do not sell whole house products online. 


Contact us and we will have a Water Quality Expert contact you by phone to discuss your perfect system. You can also schedule a Free Water Analysis to help you be more informed!

If you're interested in the Alkaline Plus System, you can purchase online here:

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