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All our products are customizable based on house size, the source and quality of the incoming water and various other needs. Prices are estimated and can change up or down depending on your needs.

For an accurate quote, please contact us and we will have one of our experts assist you! 

PUR2o AIR HW Super V (Whole House)

PUR2o AIR HW Super V (Whole House)


The World’s Most Efficient WholeHouse Air Cleaner; A Healthy House Starts Here.


Installed at your home’s point of entry, this revolutionary machine uses patented DFS filtration technology to circulate fresh, contaminate-free, air throughout your entire home. And it’s installed outside of your furnace’s blower, resulting in lower pressure drop, and higher energy savings.


Designed for Asthma, allergy sufferers and households with small children elderly and people with challenged immune system susceptible to airborne infections for both whole house and commercial space applications.


Its technology is shown to effectively provide medical grade air cleaning in your home, including viruses such as noroviruses, coronaviruses and influenza viruses, filtering as small as 0.007 microns.


A few examples of common virus sizes are:

Parainfluenza virus 0.194 microns

Varicella-zoster virus 0.173

Mumps virus 0.164

Coronavirus 0.110

Influenza A virus 0.098

Ebola 0.088

Hepititis A 0.028

Rhinovirus 0.023

Parvovirus B19 0.022


To compare, a common standard HEPA filter will remove airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. Anything smaller will "slip through the cracks".


Price shown is plus shipping and installation.

  • What does it do?

    Filtration Unit CFM Capacity - 2000 CFM

    Point of entry Medical grade air cleaning

    Greater than Merv 16 efficiency with half the pressure drop

    Microbial Inhibition property

    Lock tight filtration seal - all air must pass through DFS Filter

    Award Winning Patented DFS Technology

    Deactivates mold, viruses, fungi and bacteria inside the filter

    Most energy-efficient whole-house air cleaner

  • Specifications

    Up to 3 years of filter life (50% cycle duty)

    211 square feet of filter media coverage

    Filter Status light | Pressure switch monitor

    Power consumption - 4 watts

    Dimensions - 27”x 24”x 14” 

    Weight with filters - 69 lbs.

Ready to Buy?

To ensure every system is customized to fit your exact needs, we do not sell whole house products online. 


Contact us and we will have a Water Quality Expert contact you by phone to discuss your perfect system. You can also schedule a Free Water Analysis to help you be more informed!

If you're interested in the Alkaline Plus System, you can purchase online here:

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