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All our products are customizable based on house size, the source and quality of the incoming water and various other needs. Prices are estimated and can change up or down depending on your needs.

For an accurate quote, please contact us and we will have one of our experts assist you! 

PUR2o Alkaline Plus System Mini

PUR2o Alkaline Plus System Mini


Smaller version of the PUR2o Alkaline Plus System. Perfect for households of 1-2 people. 


    PUR2o Alkaline, Hydrogenated, Electrolyte, Ionized, Mineralized, Antioxidant Water.

    A PUR2o Alkaline Plus Mini system transforms your tap water into the favorite drink in the house!

    The Alkaline Plus System Mini delivers healthy, safe water: 

    • No chemicals
    • No pollutants
    • No pharmaceuticals
    • Re-mineralized AND Re-Ionized
    • Hydrogenated
    • Alkaline pH 8.5-9.5
    • Antioxidant Properties
    • Electrolytes
    • Lighter and sweeter taste

    Compact and convenient, the PUR2o Alkaline Plus Mini system is perfect for small spaces and households: 

    • Compact system– installed under the sink
    • Minimal Maintenance – once a year
    • Dedicated faucet
    • Can connect to ice-maker, fridge, chiller, instant hot water
    • Water for rinsing & cooking foods

    The system comes with a dedicated faucet, a unique filtration combination, durable housing set up and a 2-gallon water tank.


    5 Stage System

    • Sediment Filtration – Removes sediment such as sand, rust and other large particles
    • Chemical Filtration – GAC filter removes chlorine, organics, lead and by products of disinfection
    • Purification (Reverse Osmosis) – Reverse Osmosis removes dissolved solids and other contaminants
    • Mineralization & Ionization – Replaces Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium, elevates pH level
    • Polishing Filter – 5 micron GAC filter removes any remaining impurities
    • Optional UV Filter – UV light acts as a strong sterilizer preventing the growth of bacteria

    The PUR2o Alkaline Plus Filter is FDA approved and NSF approved, as well as recognized by the US Patent & Trademark Office and the global Water Quality Association.

    Please contact us to arrange for an installation by one of our technicians, or a recommended technician. Our general service area includes the NY, CT, NJ, Tri state area, PA, South Florida, some areas in TX and Canada.



    Comparing healthy adults, research shows significant differences between those drinking tap water and others drinking alkaline, antioxidant water:

    • Supports the fight against cancer, diabetes, aging, autoimmune and other diseases
    • Boosts immunity with natural healing properties
    • Boosts cognitive function and along with all the lifestyle and diet changes, provides support in children with chronic illnesses such as ADHD, Autism and other learning disabilities.
    • Benefits people suffering with thyroid conditions, such as Hasimotos, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.
    • Antioxidant properties reduce cellular damage caused by free radicals
    • Electrolytes aid muscle stimulation and prevent muscle cramps
    • Supports improved cognitive function
    • Improves the body’s function by cleaning cells from the inside out
    • Improves the immune system to help fight disease
    • Increases hydration
    • Detoxifies cells
    • Supports weight management and weight-loss
    • Neutralizes acidity in the body
    • Assists the body in regulating body temperature
    • Improves digestion and absorption of essential nutrients
    • Helps decrease inflammation in the digestive system
    • Helps skin and cells maintain a more youthful appearance
    • Lighter and sweeter taste
    • Enhances taste of food, soups, beverages

    Learn more: 101 Health benefits of PUR2o Water

Ready to Buy?

To ensure every system is customized to fit your exact needs, we do not sell whole house products online. 


Contact us and we will have a Water Quality Expert contact you by phone to discuss your perfect system. You can also schedule a Free Water Analysis to help you be more informed!

If you're interested in the Alkaline Plus System, you can purchase online here:

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