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All our products are customizable based on house size, the source and quality of the incoming water and various other needs. Prices are estimated and can change up or down depending on your needs.

For an accurate quote, please contact us and we will have one of our experts assist you! 

PUR2o Water Softener

PUR2o Water Softener

PriceFrom $2,200.00

For 5.5+ bathrooms, pricing is subject to site survey.

  • Description

    Advanced Water Softening

    Provide your family with abundant, clean, soft water on demand with a PUR2o Water Softening System. When hard water moves through the system’s resin bed, calcium and magnesium are removed. Hard ions are exchanged for soft ions. Only treated, softened water is delivered to every tap in your home.

    Once the resin bed is saturated with hardness ions, it must be regenerated, this system restores the resin to a clean state by itself, in order for the ion exchange process to begin again.

    Efficiently and effectively handles the most challenging water conditions.

    PUR2o Water Softeners are designed combining time tested principals of operation with the latest technological advancements to help protect the environment by reducing salt and water usage.

    Please contact us to arrange for an installation by one of our technicians, or a recommended technician. Our general service area includes the NY, CT, NJ, Tri state area, PA, South Florida, some areas in TX and Canada. 

    Please follow the links for installation instructions and specifics.

  • Specifications


    Intelligent Electronic Meter Initiated Controller

    Safety Overflow Control

    High Capacity Resin

    Powered by the energy of moving water

    Functional Design

    Each system is sized and built according to individual home and homeowner’s specific needs.

  • Key Benefits


    Reduce contaminants

    Reduce scale build-up

    Reduce electricity costs

    Reduce the use of soaps and detergents and makes cleaning easier

    Extend the life of your appliances                                                            

    Softer laundry                                              

    Cleaner dishes, glassware & flatware   

Ready to Buy?

To ensure every system is customized to fit your exact needs, we do not sell whole house products online. 


Contact us and we will have a Water Quality Expert contact you by phone to discuss your perfect system. You can also schedule a Free Water Analysis to help you be more informed!

If you're interested in the Alkaline Plus System, you can purchase online here:

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