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3 Things that can help you lose weight and feel better without changing your world!

The New Year is around the corner, and 2019 promises hope for all of us! But on January 1st, many of us wake up not feeling as bright eyed and bushy tailed as we would like as a result of a fun night out, or the exhausting task of hosting a party, or just the result of enjoying the holiday season by eating and drinking too much! So, this blog goes to all of you who have made a “diet” promise to yourself as a New Year’s Resolution!

I promise to lose X number of pounds! I promise to drink less alcohol! I promise to go to the gym and exercise! I promise to eat healthy! If any of these New Year’s Resolutions are yours, then read on immediately! Here are three simple things you can do to change your New Year’s Resolution from an unachievable goal, to one which will change your life and be kept up all year long!

Portion Control

Of course, most of us add a few pounds during the holiday season by saying yes to an extra glass of wine or two and failing to resist that extra piece of desert! We get sucked in by home cooked meals which bring back all our favorite holiday memories. We can’t help visiting the spread for a big spoon of seconds! Most of the year we eat a good balance of healthy food adding a few favorite creature comforts into the mix, and that’s okay, as long as we know when to stop. The first thing you can do in the new year is to simply know your limit and portion control when eating your main meals, the number of alcoholic drinks per week, how many times a week you choose to have desert, or whether you accept that extra yummy piece!

Don’t cut things out… just cut things back! If you cut things out, you will do it for a month, maybe two. If you cut back, you have a better chance of maintaining all year long with ease… and next year you will be able to finally have a “New” New Year’s Resolution!

A simple way to start cutting back and controlling portion size is to use a smaller plate! This will mean that even if you fill your plate, you are eating less by default. It also works psychologically on your brain as well as cutting down on how much you are eating. It is also recommended to drink a glass of water before a meal, which will help fill you up before taking that first bite. It also goes a long way towards your best health! Our last easy tip is to make sure that half of your plate of food is vegetables! This will automatically cut some of the calories and carbs you’re eating without you even thinking about it.

Sleep and Rest

Staying up waiting at the window for Santa, parties and late nights ringing in New Year, traveling, and not to mention the extra work hours you put in because of the holidays, have made December the month where most of us get less sleep than normal. Sleep is so important, and lack of sleep can make our bodies stressed. This can affect us emotionally and also physically; lack of sleep and being stressed can become a vicious cycle for weight gain, moodiness and more stress. Make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep a night to maintain holiday seasons throughout the year.

Studies also show the lack of sleep requires us to eat more in order to boost our energy to get through the day. A New Zealand study cited by a Harvard University article comparing sleep and obesity, concluded that each one hour reduction in sleep during childhood was associated with a 50 percent higher risk of obesity at age 32.

Drinking the Right Water

Many of us forget that what we drink is so important, just like what we eat. And I don’t mean cutting back on soda or alcohol, but assessing whether the water we are drinking is helping us towards our goals. It has long been known that drinking water is a great way to aid in some weight loss but did you know that Alkaline water has been proven to assist with weight loss by itself, even without making other lifestyle changes. A study shows that human subjects lost an average of 12-pounds in 3 months while drinking Alkaline water.

Many bottled water comes from a local municipal water supply, which at the factory has been filtered to remove some contaminants commonly found in tap water such as sediment, metals and chemicals such as pesticides.

Several bottled water companies also purify the water, stripping it of everything, including essential minerals. This process makes water acidic, with a pH below neutral and therefore not a healthy option. The minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, which have been removed from the water, are necessary for our optimal health and must be of high quality.

Unfortunately, it has been established that many filter manufacturers and bottled water companies, are adding low quality and synthetic minerals. These man-made minerals may contain (and often do) heavy metals and other pollutants. Water delivered from a PUR2o drinking water system is Alkaline, re-Mineralized, Ionized, Antioxidant, and Hydrogenated. This makes it easier for your body to hydrate, it assists in removing toxins from the body, helps the body’s battle against oxidation, aids weight loss and improves overall health.

So instead of us making extreme promises this new year that are hard to keep, let’s start with some small things; Buy yourself a smaller dinner plate, go to sleep a little bit earlier, and install a PUR2o Alkaline Plus system so that you can drink safe & healthy water!

From all of us at PUR2o, we wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year.

About PUR2o

We are striving to provide as many people as possible with filtered, purified, naturally alkaline and ionized water for drinking and cooking straight from the tap, for three reasons. We care about the health of YOU, the health of our PLANET and the health of your POCKET!


Our goal is to provide as many people as possible with pure, crystal clear, safe & healthy water.

PUR2o Alkaline water is shown to benefit: Overall health and energy, weight management, muscle stimulation, brain power, digestive system, mood, body temperature, youthfulness, complexion, lifespan, and boosting your immune system.


We are also committed to creating a greater awareness of how plastic and plastic bottles are polluting our planet and our bodies by providing the best water out of your tap, eliminating the amount of plastic we dispose of and how much water we consume out of plastic bottles.


Aside from all the health benefits of Alkaline Water, you save a tremendous amount of money with our systems! Did you know?…. If you drink eight glasses of water each day, it will cost approximately $55 per year; vs $1,700 if you were to drink the same amount of bottled water instead. The PUR2o system pays for its self in only one year by one persons water consumption.


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